Thursday, July 06, 2006

All braced!!!

I finally got the second molars braced yesterday. I took the pictures today. Bands on the left where I have crowns, brackets on the right where I have my own teeth. The 2nd molars are totally out of line :) But eating lunch hurt today and I think they are already moving :)
The soft tissue graft is looking great. I have been able to brush my teeth (extra soft toothbrush) since Monday, it's now Thursday.
I got navy blue ligatures this time.
I was in a room by myself at the ortho yesterday. They said because they needed the air (not all chairs in the common area have it). For drying the places to attach the brackets.
It took him two and three tries to find the right sized molar bands. The brackets were banging on each other so they placed the lower one lower.
It seemed to be just fine that my spacer on the top had slipped out half way. There was enough space and nobody mentioned anything.