Saturday, February 18, 2006

Different configuration

This is one day after the adjustment, February 16. There was a change of plans and I didn't get the spacers. The teeth have moved forward enough. I got new wires on both top and bottom. The bottom one seems to be square, not round.

I now have a new configuration of elastics. It's going over the second and third teeth on the top and the third on the bottom. The assistant made hooks for the second teeth on the top by twisting a wire. The size of the elastics is the same I had before, but because of the configuration they are much tighter. This configuration is designed for the bottom teeth to straighten up (they are tilted forward a bit now), so that afterwards they'll fit right behind the top teeth.

For ligatures, I chose lime green for spring this time. Had I known about the elastics configuration when I chose the color, I might have gone with something a little less bold :-)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Just before the adjustment

This picture was taken on February 15, shortly before I left for the ortho for my adjustment. I'll also post a picture from the day after. The lower teeth have moved forward a lot since the last adjustment, so much so, that they almost seem to be farther forward than the top ones.