Wednesday, June 22, 2005

After second adjustment and cleaning

My second adjustment was on Monday, June 13. They fixed the molar band that was loose. No new wire, just new ligs. Bright blue this time. I also had a cleaning that day. She said that there was some inflammation (I think it was the tooth with the loose molar band and a couple of teeth were I got crowns not too long ago, 18 and 19?). She suggested getting a waterpik.

More movement especially the lower front right tooth.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The lower teeth are moving

I think, this month the lower teeth have moved a lot. It should be visible when comparing the pictures to May 9. There are now a couple of gaps near the gumline because the teeth are kind of tilted right now.

This morning, I noticed that the lower teeth may touch the upper gums a little when biting down all the way. Also, one tooth was aching a bit when I woke up.

My lower teeth are not really in front of the upper, I just tend to move the lower jaw like that for pictures.