Friday, November 10, 2006

Black - and what's left to do

Well, I don't have the camera at the moment (it's already in Australia), so the picture is low quality, but I wanted to show the braces with the black ligs before I get a new color. I'm wearing one elastic on the right side day-in, day-out to adjust the midline. I haven't seen a difference in the last six weeks, though *sigh*. I'm going to have an adjustment one day before leaving for Australia for three months. When I called about it, they said such things (people being away for three months) happen all the time, and that there wouldn't be any problem, but I'm still a bit anxious until it's over.

I had hoped my treatment would be finished by the time I leave for the long trip (18 or 19 months of treatment), but it looks like now towards the end my progress is slowing down. Those second molars are not moving that fast, although I have seen some movement since they have been braced, it looks to me like they are about halfway there. Oh, well, treatment should be finished shortly after I get back. As I understand, the main goals now are getting the second molars in line with the rest of the teeth, re-adjusting the midline, and getting the molars straight (they are still tilted inward a little).


Blogger Tessa said...

Duuuude, your blog is my blog! Except mine is with comics, and yours is with pictures!

December 27, 2006 10:20 PM  
Anonymous braces said...

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