Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Second wire

One day after my third adjustment.

Adjustment was yesterday at 3pm. I got my second wire(s) (Does A28 mean anything?), she said it's thicker (and therefore stronger) than the first one. Wants to create more spaces since there's still a little overlap in a couple of places and some rotation from the crowding.

I got yellow ligatures. With my yellowish teeth they are almost invisible, hehe.
Didn't even see any pastel colored ligs at the ortho office. I got to pick by a different method this time, he opened the drawer and let me see what they have.

Some of my lower teeth up front are sore now with the stronger wire. Also, the wires have been connected to the molar bands for the first time.

Some of my gums hurt when brushing, I hope that'll be over soon so I can brush and floss better. Must have something to do with the adjustment since one was bleeding when I brushed shortly after.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Before third adjustment - a gap

Large gap which is probably very good because the one tooth will eventually fit in that space.
Next adjustment will be next Monday, July 18.