Monday, January 16, 2006

More color

Since the hot pink ligs weren't flashy enough, after the cleaning on Friday (Jan. 13) I chose a combination of hot pink and maroon (or whatever that color is called). The cleaning went ok. When they did the probing of the gums, at one place it was 6 (mm I think), but it was the tooth that had had the loose molar band, so I'm sure that's healing now. The dental hygenist recommended to use Sensodyne toothpaste, because some of my lower teeth near the front are a bit sensitive.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Invisible hot pink

I got hot pink ligs yesterday. Tomorrow is my cleaning, so they are taking the wire off again, so it's only for two days. Therefore I thought "I can try anything for two days". When I asked my husband how he liked my new color, he said "What color", they were so inconspicuous to him... So, no matter how bright the color, people may not even notice, even if you point them to it.
I also had to get the lower right molar band fixed again, the elastics pulling at it (I have a crown there) had make it come loose again. The assistant used a smaller band this time (size 4 1/2 instead of size 6), hoping the tighter fit will mean it's going to hold better.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Good progress

My ortho was really impressed with my progress today. She said I made really good progress in less than a year (in fact it's only been 9 and a half months!) and that my arches are looking great. I have to continue wearing the elastics until the next appointment, but that should be it. I mentioned some of the second molars (those last teeth without brackets or bands) not being in line. She said they said they do not always do them, but to go ahead and get spacers in five weeks and getting them banded a week later. I'll post some new pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

After six weeks of elastics

I took these pictures today, after six weeks of elastics. It might not look like much of a difference from the pictures, but I notice a big difference. The upper teeth are moving backwards (Correction: the lower teeth are moving forwards). For several weeks, the bite didn't fit at all while they were moving. Now the upper and lower teeth almost fit together again, just in a different place. It's quite interesting.