Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I got the brackets and bands (where I have crowns, because the glue doesn't stick well on crowns) on my premolars yesterday, October 10. My ortho said "I hate premolar bands" (one of the reasons being the gap created between the teeth); that's good, so she will only use them when necessary.
I also got new wires. 1 4 Ni Ti, I guess that's 0.14 NiTi.
I chose orange for a ligature color, the assistant said, "don't you want orange and black", and I said, "sure why not".
Teeth are hurting when I try to eat or brush my teeth, similar to when I got the spacers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great blog - Swan. Your teeth have improved so much, it's really inspirational to a relatively newbie like me. Thanks for posting your progress and good luck with the rest of your journey.


October 28, 2005 9:12 AM  

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